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most expensive domain names

You Want HOW Much? Most Expensive Domain Names in Internet History

Blah blah is actually an open domain name. But would you really want it? It can seem like all the good ones are gone unless you’re willing to pay some good money. But nothing is as expensive as the domains on our most expensive domain names list. These people took millions of dollars – even

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how to buy a domain name

The Art of Domain Flipping: Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit

Got a knack for customer service, research, and enjoy taking on a dynamic challenge? Interested in a lucrative side hustle that can reward you with some serious coin? You already know about house flipping, but have you ever considered trying your hand at domain flipping? As it turns out, buying and selling domain names can help you turn

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how to buy a domain

How To Buy a Domain Name From Someone Else

There are almost 2 billion websites on the World Wide Web today. However, only about 650 million of those sites are currently active. So, what happens when you come up with a brilliant domain name, and it’s already taken? What happens if you’re already operating under a business name and the domain belongs to someone else? Let’s

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domain name value

Why You Need a Domain Name Appraisal and How to Estimate Domain Name Value

As the internet grows, so too are the number of domain names being registered. By recent tallies, roughly 330 million domains are privately held. Some of those domains are for people looking to build out their business’ online presence. Others are registered as outstanding investment opportunities. In an age where making passive income online is the holy

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how to transfer a domain

How to Transfer a Domain Name to a Different Web Host

Found a killer new host and want to transfer your domain?  Don’t let anyone tell you that transferring your domain is difficult or illegal. ICAAN says it is your right to transfer domain names between registrars as you please.  The process happens in two parts. First, you leave your old host behind. Then, you get set up

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New brand nice domain name

New brand: Very Nice Domains is now Nice Domain

We’re excited to unveil our new brand identity and a website redesign (coming soon). Our new name and the domain name is The new name is shorter, descriptive, and well… Nice. The updates show the trajectory of our parent company since its founding in 2010 and lead the way for how we’re moving forward.

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Website optimization tips

8 Website Optimization Tips You Need to Take Note of

There are almost 2 billion websites online right now all competing for internet user’s attention. That harsh reality and the resulting stiff competition means that you need to do everything in your power to cut through the clutter and get your website noticed. That’s where website optimization tips can come in handy. Website optimization tips

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Why hosting speed matters

Why Hosting Speed Matters

There are quite a few pieces of information out there talking about why hosting speed matters. The reason for this is because it does. Although here, at Nice Domain we mainly sell domains and emails, we have some experience with hosting  now are offering premium hosting services with our web design packages. We wanted to

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