New brand: Very Nice Domains is now Nice Domain

We’re excited to unveil our new brand identity and a website redesign (coming soon).

Our new name and the domain name is

The new name is shorter, descriptive, and well… Nice.

The updates show the trajectory of our parent company since its founding in 2010 and lead the way for how we’re moving forward.

As of 2018, our company was offering domain and email services to thousands of customers around the world.

We plan to add services that will help our customers get started with their online identity.

Some of these services will be beside domain and emails, web design and online marketing.

What does this mean for you?

All good stuff!

We are going to utilize the resources and personnel of our parent company to bring the best services for web design and online marketing.

This change will ensure that you will have not only the best service around but also at the best price.

We want to make launching an online presence as easy and cost-effective as possible for our clients.

What are the new services?

Getting a nice domain is just the first step towards having the best online branding. The second step will be to have a professional and brandable email which you can get once you purchase a domain name. The third step would be to get a stunning website that will make you look like a Fortune 500 company, and the fourth step is to promote your new online presence. Here are the new services:

  1. Professional Website Design Services
  2. Social Media Branding Services
  3. Email Marketing Services
  4. Social Media Management Services
  5. Search Engine Optimization Services
  6. Content Marketing Services
  7. Pay Per Click Management Services

We are planning to add more services to those categories so keep an eye of future announcements.