You Want HOW Much? Most Expensive Domain Names in Internet History

Blah blah is actually an open domain name.

But would you really want it? It can seem like all the good ones are gone unless you’re willing to pay some good money. But nothing is as expensive as the domains on our most expensive domain names list.

These people took millions of dollars – even hundreds of millions to get what they wanted online. Check it out.

The Most Expensive Domain Names

What is the most you’d ever spend for a domain name? A couple thousand? A couple hundred? A couple hundred thousand?

Well if you’re paying that, it’s still way less than these people. Check out the big spenders below.

1. Our Top Spot

What goes vroom vroom and will cost you over eight hundred million dollars as a domain name? That’s right – it’s

According to an SEC filing from their parent company Gannet Co. that’s how much those four letters are worth when followed by .com.

That’s crazy! Here are a few other things valued at eight hundred million dollars – for comparison’s sake.

For eight hundred million, you could buy 2000 private islands in Panama. That’s more than even exist! Or if you’re into cars, you could buy a fresh stock of 2000 top model Ferraris.

Just in case you were wondering, that’s about the same as Comedian Classic Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth. Which is fitting, since he has a new show on Netflix “Comedians in Cars with Coffee”.


Want some insurance? Well, you could get it from but it’s unlikely you could get that domain name.

It’s been publicly reported to have cost or at least be worth 35.6 million dollars. Yes, that’s a far cry from the fortune, but it’s still a ton of money.

That’s 89 four hundred thousand dollar Ferraris if we’re using the same examples as above. You could also buy a mid-range private jet or a high-end used one.

You know, casual. And if you did have the domain name and decided to sell it – we’re willing to bet you could get a deal on a private jet insurance policy!


See? There’s a method to our madness. If you didn’t want a private jet but just wanted the domain name – you’d pay about what a private jet costs.

A mid-range one that is. High end and brand new jets can go up to $90 million.

This domain name is worth about a third of that, at 30.8 million. Sell buy a private jet? Sure, why not.

In Ferrari talk, that’s about 75 of the same priced Ferraris. Good deal, no? What about low-mid range private jet and 10 Ferraris?

Sounds good to us.

If you give that site a visit, you’ll see it’s owned by EVO jets, which seems to be a private jet broker. Like the Google Flights of the private plane world – if Google flights offered 5 digit worthy prices.


Yup – what could be more straightforward or redundant than this domain name? sold last in 2009 for a lot less than what you’d think actually – given what the internet, in general, is worth.

It sold for a respectable 18 million dollars – which was in the middle of the American recession.

If you take that into account, then you have to think about how the economy’s recovered since then. In 2017 dollars (the nearest calculation we could find) that a mere 18 million is more like $21141932.26.

21 million dollars – earning themselves three million in worth in almost ten years. We wonder if they’d sell it for more if they were selling now.

In case you’re wondering, the site hosts internet news, tech, and mostly doesn’t sell any products. Read one of their recent articles if you wish.


Well, well, well, we knew sex sells, but did you know it’s actually depreciated over time? That’s right has sold twice and it sold for less the second time.

When someone bought it in 2005, they paid fourteen million. That’s 35 Ferrari’s. But when that company sold it again in 2010 (during the recession) they sold it for a mere 13 million.

That’s a loss of a million dollars, or three Ferrari’s. We’ll let you explore that site on your own time – and hopefully on your HOME (not work) browser.


We’ve all seen the ads for Recently they featured a cute cartoon of someone being sad without them, then happy once they clicked on the rate.

Maybe the price they paid for that domain name in 2001 is the reason they advertise so intensely? They paid a cool 11 million dollars for their name and business title.

A lot less than other companies on this list paid, but more money than most people see in their lifetimes. How many in Ferrari’s is that, you ask?

Only 27. Twenty-seven high-end luxury cars for you and 26 friends… if you even know that many people with drivers’ licenses (that you trust).


We’re getting down to the single digit millions here, with We knew people liked shoes – but we didn’t know they’d pay this much. sold in 2017 for a mere 9 million dollars. Considering the first spot on our list was 800 million, that seems like nothing.

Yet, it’s still a respectable 22 Ferrari’s or one trip through the US private college education program. Kidding – but only kind of.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Unless you’re sitting on a ton and we mean, a ton(!) of money you don’t know what to do with – we’d advise you to stay away from the million dollar domain names.

These are the most expensive domain names – which means they’re the outliers. You can get a great domain name for an actually affordable price.

And we can help you! Check out our domain purchasing service here and get started.