We believe that every great idea starts with a Nice Domain name.

We are a Houston, TX-based company with a proudly 100% remote team. As the web keeps growing by the numbers, we decided to build NiceDomain.com to help customers have a brilliant online brand starting with their domain name.

Our primary focus here at Nice Domain is to provide domains and emails with a 24/7 customer support. We know that having a domain name and emails with the same company that is hosting your website is probably one of the biggest mistakes a person can do nowadays.

Having these services separate can give you more control of your online products. Whenever you decide to change your hosting company, you can feel confident enough that you will not have any problems with us since your domain name and emails will be independent of your hosting provider.

Most of these hosting companies have partnered with third-party domain registers, and when you decide to change your hosting provider, you will notice how hard it is to migrate your domain name and emails.

That’s why we are your best option for domains and emails services. We do not offer hosting services, but we do offer amazing online marketing and web design services to help you boost your business. When you decide to create a website with us, rest assure that your site will be hosted on a premium cloud hosting for best performance and security. We know you like to work with the best in the industry, and so do we. That is why we have partnered with the best hosting providers in the industry so you can have the best service available at the best price possible.

We are excited to meet you and partnered with you. Contact us today and let’s start building something great together!